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Seducing the neighbour

I had been horny all through that morning and my hands and toys were just no longer doing it for me.



Sam moved next door opposite me two months ago. The first time I saw him, I thought he was extremely handsome.

I did not know him all that well until after a short discussion one day when he told me that he worked part time as an electrician.

This was why, when my cable started acting up last week Monday, I was excited to have a reason to invite him over.

I had been horny all through that morning and my hands and toys were just no longer doing it for me. I put on a simple robe and went over. He opened the door and looked surprised to see me.

“Gbemi, hi,” he said.

“Hey. I don’t mean to bug you but I am having some problems with my TV and cable.”

“Oh, it’s no problem. Give me a minute and I will come over to check it out.”

I went back to my apartment. I considered changing out of my t-shirt into something more decent, but I was really hoping to get some, so I figured I will have to stay that way.

Soon after, I opened the door to lead him in. As I got near the TV, I bent over to show him the cords like he asked.

My shirt hardly covered my ass standing up, bent over it covered nothing. At that moment I decided I would have some fun with him and just maybe if I was lucky I could seduce him.

When I turned around to face him, he had a funny look on his face. My eyes fell to his groin, he had a very noticeable bulge. I gave him a wicked smile.

He slowly came over to where I was standing. He stood half behind me half beside me, leaning sideways to see the cables. His hip brushed my ass as he leaned. I could feel his body heat radiating through his clothes, smell his cologne, and feel his breath on my cheek.

I stood up pressing softly against him, asking if there was anything else he needed. His voice wavered slightly as he stammered a “no, not yet”. I could tell by his voice that my plan was starting to work.

I turned to face him, my breasts brushing his chest, my hand ‘accidentally’ touching his hard dick as I moved away so he could get to the cables.

He shivered almost just a little as he began to check the connectors to see if they were the problem.

I went to the sofa, and sat so that my shirt was above my hips. When he stood to ask me a question he stopped mid-sentence.

Stuttering, he asked if I had any other connections in the house, his eyes roaming my body as he spoke.

I watched as his eyes went from my feet to my bare hip. He licked his lips, perhaps unconsciously, and asked if I could show him where the other TV’s were.

I got up and my shirt slid down to cover my ass, his eyes followed it, tracing the outline off my round buttocks through the thin, silky material.

“It’s in my room,” I said, as I stood and headed towards there. I wanted to be in front of him so he could have his fill as we went.

I could feel his eyes on my ass, watching as I made my way to the room. I walked to the table upon hich the TV sat and bent over to pull it away from the wall to give access to the cables.

As I was bending over I felt a warm hand caress my bare ass. Mmmm… I was wet from the teasing already, now I was dripping. His touch felt sooo good.

He asked if he was out of line, if he was getting the wrong signals from me. I turned to face him, his hand stayed and slid around to my hot mound, trembling just a bit.

I looked him in the eye, covered his quivering hand with mine and slid it between my legs.

His fingers moved easily, manipulating my hot, swollen cunt. Our eyes locked on each other’s as he delved a finger into my slippery pussy. He seemed unsure about if what he was doing was right so I took his other hand and placed it on my breast.

Mmmmm I moaned, I loved the feel of his hands on me, his fingers in me. I swayed toward him. Just as I was an inch or so from his face he kissed me, kissed me with a lustful hunger, rolling my clit with one hand, gently pinching my nipple through my shirt with the other.

I leaned back against the dresser that was right behind me, hoping he would replace his fingers with his tongue. His hands came around to my ass, kneading my hot flesh, pulling my hips forward. He sat me down on the dresser and lifted my legs over his shoulder.

He softly parted my puffy lips with his talented tongue. I was so horny I orgasmed as soon as he touched my clit. My body shook as I rode his tongue, cumming again and again.

Feeling weak from the intense pleasure I let my leg slide from his shoulder, walked to the bed and sat on the edge.

I motioned for him to come to me. As he stood he unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off and letting it fall to the floor. He started to unzip his pants and I told him to stop, that I wanted to undress the rest of him.

As I reached the waistband of his pants I pulled the button open, slowly unzipping them, the hiss of the zipper echoed in the silence.

I was so wet, the bed under me was wet, I wanted to be filled with him. I laid back and waited for him to take over me.

I groaned and told him I wanted him t that very moment. I wanted him to take me, fill me with his hard pecker.

He slid his rigid staff into me as I was begging him… slowly, still teasing me… giving me just a little of what I wanted. It felt so good to have a man inside of me.

I started to move my hips in rhythm with his, raising to him as he pulled back, pushing into him as he thrust forward, forcing him deeper into my hot tunne. He pumped in and out of my dripping cunt, making me cum really hard.

He was moaning deep and loud, thrusting faster and faster, the room was so quiet aside from the sounds of our heaving breaths and gasps of lust, and the slopping, sucking noises of him pounding my sopping pussy.

Slamming my slippery cunt, throwing his head back, groaning low in his throat, he told me how good it felt to fuck me, how good my pussy felt wrapped around his cock.

I was ready to cum again, I tightened my pussy muscles on his pulsating hardness. I felt him slam into me harder as he came.

I squeezed my pussy even tighter around him, milking him as my juices flowed over his cock. My body shook from the pleasure, he smiled at me as I lay there, my head spinning with the intenseness of the orgasm.

I closed my eyes. This is definitely going to happen again, I thought.

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