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Weekend with my girlfriend’s bestie

I felt her foot touch mine underneath the table, she dragged it up to my leg gently, pulling the cuffs of my trousers.


Bola, my girlfriend, informed me after dinner one evening that she invited Juliet over to stay with us for the weekend. Juliet was a friend of hers who lived in Port Harcourt. She owned a fashion design business and travelled in and out of the country a lot.

“She is coming to Lagos for business, I asked her to stay with us for a couple of days instead of a hotel. I hope that is fine.”

I nodded. I did not mind and besides, I thought it would do Bola some good to have a friend over. She seemed very excited just talking about the visit and I was sure both ladies would have a good time.

I came home that Friday evening and heard the sounds of girlish giggles even before I opened the door. I smiled to myself as I entered. Bola quickly got up and walked on over to say hello to me while collecting my briefcase.

I gave her a quick kiss and looked behind her to see Juliet, who stood up in greeting too. My breath caught when I saw her. I had never met her before and right now, my eyes was drawn to her very ample cleavage, poking out of a tight blouse she wore.

I cleared my throat as she came to stand before me. “It is nice to meet you,” I said as I took her soft hand in mine. She smiled a gesture which seemed to get my heart racing. Was it just me or did she hold my hand just a second longer before letting go?

The next day, I decided to be a good host and take both ladies out to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Honestly, this was mainly with an ulterior motive. The evening before, I suspected Juliet had an interest in me.

Whenever Bola left the room, maybe to serve dinner or to clear up, Juliet would find an excuse to touch my arm and at one point even complimented my physique. I tried to smile and get my mind out of the gutter but it was hard. So hard that I spent all night fantasising about fucking pretty Juliet.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat in a booth. Both women were facing me as we conversed.

At one point, Bola was asking her how things were with her love life and she replied, “dating is hard, my sister. You are so lucky. You snagged one of the very few sexy, kind and rich men in Nigeria.” Juliet laughed as she said this but turned her eyes towards me, giving me a very meaningful glare.

Like that was not a clear enough message, I felt her foot touch mine underneath the table and she dragged it up to my leg gently, pulling the cuffs of my trousers. I shift uncomfortably, mostly because my dick was starting to strain against my trousers and my thoughts were filled with dirty fantasies of Juliet and me.

All in all, it was a great lunch. We returned home a couple of hours later. Afterwards, I made up an excuse and left the house. It was hard being near Juliet and my girlfriend while entertaining all the dirty ideas and fantasies in my head. I spent all evening with my friends and returned later that night.

Juliet must have gone to bed because the house was still and quiet. I went straight to the bedroom and laid beside my girlfriend. About thirty minutes later, my phone dinged. I picked it to see a message from Juliet. “Meet me in the parlour,” it said.

It took me all of two seconds to decide that there was no way I would give up this chance. With one glance at my sleeping girlfriend, I got up, changed out of my clothes and into my boxers then went to the living room.

Juliet was standing near the couch. She was wearing a short black satin nightdress and I could clearly see her boobs through the fabric. She said nothing as I walked towards her, shirtless and extremely horny. She wrapped her hands around my neck and I held her by the waist. I dipped my head and we were soon kissing. She tasted wonderful. My cock kept wanting to escape its restraint and I knew exactly what I needed.

Juliet knew too as she immediately turned around. She bent over, resting her palms on the seat of the couch. I raised her dress to see that she was completely naked underneath. Pulling down the waistband of my boxers, I released my cock and guided it into her pussy.

I leant forward so I can savour the feel of her bountiful tits in my hands as I moved gently in and out of her. She shifted her hips closer to my groin, moaning quietly as my cock invaded her. I found her nipples and began pinching lightly. Her breaths became even louder and she brought one of her hands down to her pussy, teasing her clit as I fucked.

She began to grunt as she attempted to keep her sounds to a minimum. I soon realised why as her legs began to shake gently and she climaxed. I grabbed her hips and plunged deeper into her pussy. She tightened around me as her pussy enveloped me so wonderfully. I felt the familiar tightening of my balls and soon erupted inside her.

That Sunday afternoon, I drove Juliet and my girlfriend to the airport. As soon as we got back home, I saw I had a BBM message from her. It contained an address and the message, “pay me a visit whenever you come to Port Harcourt.”

I had a feeling that I would be visiting Port Harcourt quite often from then on.

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